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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

How to use yEd to make Simple Decision Diagrams

How to perform actions

Action How to do action
Add a new node to the canvas Click on the canvas
Move a node Click on it first to select, then drag it
Change text of a node Double click on a node
Click on it to select it, then press F2
Add an arrow between nodes Drag click from one node to another
Change text of an arrow Same as changing text of a node
Select node type Double click on a node type in the pallette

Automatic Resizing of Nodes Based on Text

To get it to resize nodes when editing text, go to File -> Preferences, go to Editor tab and make sure that Dynamically Adjust Node Size to Label Size is checked.

Making a custom 'Decision Diagram' Section in the Palette

  1. Right click over the palette (over an existing section) and click "New Section".
  2. Give it a name e.g. "Decision (Custom)" and select "Copy from Section". You can select any section to copy because we going to overwrite it with custom icons anyway.
  3. Click on the new Document Icon or click File -> New.
  4. Drag icons to this new document that you want.
  5. Right click within the new custom section and click "Adopt from Document" and click yes on the confirmation screen.

I have made custom UML Start and Stop Nodes using yEd and Inkscape in svg format which can be imported using Right click -> Import Symbols... on the custom section in the Palette.

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