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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Visual Studio Style Chords in Autohotkey

I found the following script on, and it is an example of what the Input command can accomplish.

There are at least two scenarios in which we could use chords:

  • we cannot use hotstrings because it would interfere with the program.
  • we want to group related hotkeys to simplify their use.

In the example below, pressing Ctrl-` (found near the ESCAPE key) will require a further two characters. cp will make it open the command prompt, ca will make it run the calculator app, and ou will make it open Outlook.


Input, TextEntry1, L1,{Esc}{Enter}{F1}{Down}{Up}

Input, TextEntry2, L1 T1,{Esc}{Enter}



if entry=cp
    ; Command prompt
    run cmd
else if entry=ca
    ; Calculator
    run calc
else if entry=ou
 ; Outlook
 SetTitleMatchMode 2

 IfWinExist, Microsoft Outlook
  run outlook

 SetTitleMatchMode 1

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Ben Northway said...

Thanks! This is really cool