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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Concatenating Two Cells in Excel

This post describes how to go about concatenating the values of two cells into one cell in Excel. For example, if the first cell contained zoo and the second cell contained lander, then the third would contain zoolander.
a is zoo, b is lander, c is blank
In the above screen shot, lets say that we wanted C to be populated with zoolander. First click on Formulas tab:
formulas tab
Then we click on the Text Menu, and then concatenate.
text concatenate
Then we click on the button next to the Text1 Textbox:
Text1 button highlighted
The dialog collapses:
collapsed dialog
We then select the Cell we want to be the first part. In this case A1:
select A1
We click the button at the end:
button at end highlighted
We then select B1 being the value for Text2 using the same technique as described for A1. Finally we click on "OK" on the Function Arguments dialog box.

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