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Friday, 19 April 2013

ASP.NET Special Server Side Tags Syntax Help

The following is a summary of the special ASP.NET server side tags:

Tag Name Meaning
<% %> embedded code block code block which executes during the rendering phase
<%= %> <%= %> construct Same as using Response.Write, outputs during the rendering phase.
<%: %> <%: %> construct Similar to the <%= %> construct, except it HTML encodes the output.
<%-- --%> server-side comment for commenting out code. Will not be outputted like the XML <!-- -->. Can be used in most places in the ASP.NET markup, whereas the XML comment cannot be used in certain areas.
<%$ %> ASP.NET Expression declarative way of setting a property based on information evaluated at runtime.

TODO: more needs to be done on this. Use the link: to complete it.

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