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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

AutoHotkey: Dealing with a SAFEARRAY(BSTR) array from COM

In my COM (Component Object Model) interface, I have a `Suggestions` property that is of the .NET type `string[]`; here is the COM type information (found using OLEView):

[id(0x60020007), propget]
HRESULT Suggestions([out, retval] SAFEARRAY(BSTR)* pRetVal);
[id(0x60020007), propput]
HRESULT Suggestions([in] SAFEARRAY(BSTR) pRetVal);

After invoking the getter:

arr := obj.Suggestions;

we can first check if the array is empty by checking if the `_MaxIndex()` is `-1`:

arr._MaxIndex() == -1 

If there are elements, then `_MaxIndex()` will return a value greater than or equal to `0`.

To get the last element, we pass the `_MaxIndex()` value to the indexer:

lastItem := arr[arr._MaxIndex()]

This is very simple, but one bit of code in which it does NOT work is using the indexer on the COM object's property:


For whatever reason, we must first evaluate `obj.Suggestions`, and then call the indexer. Therefore this works:


In general, when getting the array, because we are dealing with a copy of the data, if you are using this data multiple times in the code, it is best to assign it to variable before to avoid producing it multiple times.

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