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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Visual Studio 2013/2015 Extensions

Used Extensions

Below is a list of extensions I use (05/01/2016):

  • Web Essentials web developer tools
  • Visual F# Power Tools by Microsoft
  • Viasfora Rainbow brackets
  • Text Sharp useful if you want to use Courier New
  • Productivity Power Tools by Microsoft; adds useful features to Visual Studio
  • PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio 2013 never used this but sounds useful.
  • Indent Guides adds vertical lines at each indent level
  • File Path on Footer displays full file path at the bottom of the window
  • F# Outlining provides outlining (plus minus buttons) for F# outlining. (Will not be needed if/when Microsoft add this feature to the F# editor)
  • Code Contracts can make assertions about your code which can be statically analysed
  • AnkhSVN Visual Studio integration with SVN
  • TSVN Visual Studio integration with SVN. Does not conflict with AnkhSVN
  • CodeMaid useful for rearranging code
  • XPath Information you can see the XPath for the element under the caret, and can copy it by right click, `Copy XPath`
  • AceJump Something new, You press `C-M-;` and then a single character you wish to search for and then it will give you all occurrences of that character labelled with a letter. You type the letter and it will go to that letter.
  • Visual Studio 2015 Color Theme Editor Has a selection of themes which are easily "cloned" and edited.

Un-tested Extensions

Below is a list of extensions I plan to test:

  • SemanticColorizer different syntax elements are colored differently.

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