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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Using Gimp for precise cropping

Gimp is an excellent tool for precisely cropping an image. Once Gimp is loaded, you an open an image by either using File → Open (Ctrl-o), or using invoking Gimp from the command line passing in the path of the file. Because Gimp takes a long time to load, it is not worth having multiple instances of it open; rather, have one instance open, and open the files you wish to edit in this one instance.

Once you have opened the image in Gimp, select the "Rectangle" tool. Check "Fixed"; in the drop-down next to it, select "Aspect ratio". In the textbox below it, type in the aspect ratio in `width:height` format, for example, `4:3` or `16:9`:

Draw around the region you wish to capture. Once you are done, click on Image → "Crop to Selection". Save this new image.

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