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Monday, 3 April 2017

Reducing Bass on Windows 10 with Equalizer APO

If, like me, you are using headphones plugged directly into your PC/Laptop, you will have no hardware bass controls. Windows 10 also does not include sound equalizer software. Sometimes, sound drivers can include such software - a good example being Realtek - but my sound driver unfortunately did not. Instead, I am using Equalizer APO, a free, open-source equalizer. Here are some instructions on how to set it up to reduce bass levels.

Download/Install Equalizer APO   Download Equalizer APO from SourceForge and install it. When it asks for which devices you want to install APO for, I selected only the current playback device, but it shouldn't matter if you select all sound devices. After installation, you will have to restart your computer.

Download/Install Peace UI for Equalizer APO   Download Peace UI from SourceForge and install it. Accept all the default installation options. It should identify that Equalizer APO is already installed.

Opening Peace   You can open Peace from the Start menu. Select the Full interface, as it will allow you to save presets.

Creating a `Bass Reduce` preset   A bass reduction preset can be made by simply inverting the gain values of the `Bass Boost` option. First select the `Bass Boost` preset from the list in the bottom left of the screen. The app will re-open with the preset values applied. For each of the `Gain Values`, invert the value (multiply it by `-1`). For example, if the value was `10.5`, make it `-10.5`, and if it was `-3`, make it `3`. Click `Save` and enter the name `Bass Reduce`.

Reselecting `Bass Reduce` Option   Once the `Bass Reduce` preset is saved, it can be simply selected from the list in the bottom left of the screen. The app will re-open to apply the preset options.

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