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Monday, 29 May 2017

Starting the Lawnmower the first time after Winter

You should remove the petrol of your lawnmower before the winter starts. There are different methods of doing this:

  • Using a pump to suction-out the petrol
  • Disconnecting the fuel-line to release the petrol (into a container).

The oil does not need to be removed. Engine oil has a lifetime of 10 years, which is probably longer than your lawnmower's. Do check the oil level though.

A dirty spark plug can stop a lawnmower from starting, so either get a new spark plug or clean your existing spark plug. To clean a spark plug, use acetone and a wire brush, then wash it and let it dry overnight. Ensure it is dust-free because it can get into your engine and cause it problems. Optionally, you can use a multimeter to test the continuity to check if it is thoroughly cleaned.

Now do these steps on your lawnmower, before attempting to start it:

  • Remove the spark plug
  • Press the primer bulb 10 times.
  • Pull the cord 15 times
  • Leave the lawnmower for 15 minutes
  • Insert the spark plug back in.
  • Press the primer bulb 10 more times.

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